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Sober Dating and Sober Singles: People in Recovery Seeking Others in Recovery for Dating. It's free to join and post your profile, it costs you nothing. Sober Singles, Sober Personals, Sober Dating 12 Step and Recovery Dating: 12 Step Singles and Personals for Dating Others in Recovery Are you in AA, NA, DA, GA OA or any other 12 step or program of recovery? Create your own FREE dating profile, and add your photos! Hello, I am in my 5th month of sobriety and just recently joined this site.I would appreciate any words of wisdom in regards to dating.Many of the women have relationship history that needs to be looked at with a sponsor in order not to make the same mistakes we have always made in selecting a partner.I promise you that you will sell yourself short if you get involved now.“It’s created by people in recovery for people in recovery.” Shea promises the site—which just launched last month—is also very LGBT-friendly: “It’s hard enough to meet somebody in recovery if you’re straight, but trying to meet someone in recovery if you’re gay or transgender, where are you going to go?

Although I like him and would like to continue a friendship, I think it is too soon, too fast.... Some people have some hard and fast rules about it, and some don’t.

Now that getting loaded and hitting on anyone within a 10-foot radius is no longer an option, dating in sobriety can be tricky.

And while knocking boots with another sober person may seem like an ideal option, going out with someone from a meeting may be a step (or thirteen) towards disaster.

Any thoughts regarding early sobriety, dating, and how to handle a uncomfortable situation, would be greatly appreciated. When we women get to AA, we are usually not very good at selecting the right man for us (our picker is broken).

You are going to be amazed at the changes that will occur in you as you stay sober and do the steps and continue practicing everything you will learn.


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