Adult chat that accept paypal

Dear all, Recently I'm planning to develop a website where to sell sex toys, and I have contacted Shopify (Australia's Ecommerce Software Solution | Shopping Cart Software - Shopify Australia) to asked about do they allow this kind of contents.

What they told me is I'm ok to sell sex toys with them but the only concern is about the payment gateway.

Our best-selling products include Prevail Extra Adult Pull-Ups, Tranquility All-Thru-the-Night Briefs, Adult Incontinence Washcloths, Underpads, Per-fit Adult Protective Underwear, Breezers Adult Briefs, and more top-rated incontinence supplies. Try our Sizing Guide and Product Selection and Absorbency Guide.

As long as it's legal where you are, we have no issue.(Some of the below payment options have certain terms and restrictions."See Terms" To Learn More) We use the latest and greatest technology to insure all your data is safe and secure when shopping at Jerry's.For Timberland to securely process your order, the supplied billing name, address and phone number must match that of the credit card used for payment.We reserve the right to cancel any order that does not match these criteria.If you would like to specify UPS as the carrier add an additional Five and 00/100 Dollars (.00) to shipping. EST on Thursday, your order will be delivered on Monday of the following week, as Saturday and Sunday are not counted as days of transit. EST will ship the same day and will be delivered in one transit/business day, no morning delivery guarantee. To request Saturday delivery, please add a comment to your order or call customer service (866-732-8783). If UPS fails to deliver your package within the guaranteed time frame, excluding any "acts of God," "bad weather," etc.


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