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The record company has since come under the management of Pat Magnarella. The song "Wake Me Up When September Ends" is a memorial to his father.

He has five older siblings: David, Alan, Marci, Hollie, and Anna.

Armstrong, founder of the Worldwide Church of God, at the time a Sabbatarian organization that taught observance of seventh-day Sabbath, and annual Sabbath days based on Leviticus 23.

Armstrong initially became recognized when he succeeded his father as the voice of The World Tomorrow, the church's radio program that aired around the world.

His mother worked as waitress at Rod's Hickory Pit restaurant in El Cerrito, where Armstrong and Dirnt played their first gig in 1987.

In 2004, Green Day garnered some excitement for their then-new album by doing a few club dates, including one at New York’s Irving Plaza the day after the release of the album.

The elder Armstrong reported that the Armstrong ancestors arrived in America in the late 17th century with William Penn. Garner Ted's grandmother was "something like a third cousin to former President Herbert Hoover". Following service in the United States Navy during the Korean War, Armstrong returned to Pasadena, California, where his father had moved the church's operations in 1946.A television program of the same name followed, aired mostly in North America, eventually giving way to a Garner Ted Armstrong broadcast, a half-hour program that mixed news and biblical commentary.His polemical message was unlike that of most other religious broadcasters of his day.His father was a factory worker and abandoned the family soon after Louis's birth; his mother, who often turned to prostitution, frequently left him with his maternal grandmother.Garner Ted Armstrong (February 9, 1930 – September 15, 2003) was an American evangelist and the son of Herbert W.But you get sick just like the next cat and when you die you're just as graveyard dead as he is.”Louis Armstrong, nicknamed "Satchmo," "Pops" and, later, "Ambassador Satch," was born on August 4, 1901, in New Orleans, Louisiana.


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