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"Let's be honest, men do have a better relationship with their private parts than women.

Some even have nicknames."Twitter blew up as viewers turned to social media to blast the host whose views one called "disturbing".

Gilpin plays her friend, ex-soap star Debbie Eagan, who grudgingly joins the misfit posse of body-slamming women. Cannes is roiled by small-screen controversy The show embraces the inherent camp value of its subject and era with frosted lipstick, hammerlocks and even glimpses of a Thomas Guide.

But adding some weight to it too is social commentary on the battles, pressures and inequity women faced then (and now).

Whats App, which is owned by Facebook and offers end-to-end encryption, has a relatively small but loyal following among users seeking a greater degree of privacy from government snooping than afforded by popular domestic app We Chat, which is ubiquitous but closely monitored and filtered.

Questions over Whats App's status come at a politically fraught time in China.

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As Goedele spoke about her new Channel 4 show Sex In Class, Eamonn admitted he wouldn't want his children to be her students."I think a lot of people will find this shocking," he told her after she spoke about teaching children about the pleasures of sex."If I were a parent at this school, I'm not sure I'd want you coming in and talking about pornography.

You've been telling these kids to look at their genitals with a mirror... ""I'm Catholic and I was told at school that sex is not for pleasure," he added.

"I was told that you should only indulge in it for the purpose of procreation."Goedele, looking rather shocked, then explained why it is necessary to teach children about the pleasures, which she believes can help tackle the problem of teenage pregnancy."It's something we do in sexology practice," she said.

Since the end of 2014, all Google services, including Gmail, Google Search, Google Maps or Google Play, have been cut off.

The absence of these major Western app services has created a distinctive Chinese app environment, where alternative brands such as Baidu, Weibo or Weixin dominate the market. Because of the blockage of Google Play and China’s flourishing domestic app market, Chinese Android users download their apps through a variety of app stores.


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