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Other long-lasting issues, such as bulimia or cyclic vomiting disorder, may persist on an almost daily basis for many months or even years.A health care professional can make a proper diagnosis to assist the patient in obtaining treatment.Chronic vomiting has several possible causes, each with different characteristics.Some short-term illnesses, like the flu, can cause persistent vomiting that results in weight loss.Some researchers argue that this term should replace other terms, such as functional somatic syndrome, medically unexplained syndrome, and somatoform disorders, because they believe CSS is more accurate.An illness described as a CSS involves something called central sensitization.Thinking it was stress or some kind of arthritis that would pass. Then, on August 14th, 2012, I found out I had lupus. The time period following the doctor, while that moment when I found out is clear as day, is very unclear.

Although these results were solely correlational, in another study, chronic fatigue syndrome patients rated themselves as higher on neuroticism and lower in extraversion when they were ill then when they were well.

The first doctor said I for sure didn’t have lupus – said I was “far too young.” That doctor made an emergency appointment for me with a rheumatologist but I did not make it there.

My boyfriend at the time forced me to go to the doctor, and they put me on Celebrex as a temporary solution.

Study participants diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome had to have experienced medically unexplainable fatigue that limited their daily activities for at least six months with four of the following symptoms: headache, muscle pain, joint pain, sore throat, tender lymph nodes, significant impairment of memory or concentration, unrefreshing sleep, and unusual postexertional malaise.

The study, published in , found that chronic fatigue syndrome victims scored higher in neuroticism, a measure of vulnerability to negative emotional states such as anxiety or depression, than both people without fatigue and people with medically unexplainable fatigue.


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