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And nearly half (47%) of teen girls say they usually wait for someone to ask them out first, compared with only 6% of boys. Overall, our report on teen romance found boys and girls have a lot in common when it comes to asking someone out by calling on the phone, messaging on a social networking site or getting one of their friends to do the asking.Girls are also much less inclined than boys to ask someone out, whether in person (35% girls vs. But there were a few gender differences worth noting.But I am not gonna wear awkward, chafe-tastic straps or crotchless anything just to "spice things up."7. When you're single and dating, you encounter many guys who expect you to be the one who wants to wait for sex. But if you want to have sex, there's no need to deny your desires and instill the three-date rule just so he thinks you're a "good girl."8. Considering p-in-va-g is often not the way that we orgasm, it would make sense if a girl who mostly has clitoral orgasms wasn't super into rough sex. Thanks to texting and social media, teens today have many more ways to reach out to a crush than in the analog days of using the family telephone and passing notes in the hallways.But according to a recent Pew Research Center report, some romantic traditions remain the same.The most common way for teenage boys to ask someone on a date is to ask a girl in person rather than via text message.But where do you draw the line between fantasy and reality?

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Close your eyes and picture your ideal mate: what talents, qualities, personality traits, experiences and emotional capabilities do you want him or her to have?

Don't censor yourself, and let your mind wander to wherever it goes.

Right, we all have a fantasy ideal in mind: tall, dark and handsome, a movie star body with a Pulitzer Prize winner’s brain or another variation that suits you perfectly.

Fantasizing about your dream mate will only help you to discover more of what you want and need in a relationship.


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