Dating site affiliate program

Building six and even seven-figure businesses from promoting products and services online through the business model of affiliate marketing.An independent survey commissioned by the Rakuten Affiliate Network has revealed that the affiliate marketing industry in the US grew to .7 billion in 2016 and is expected to grow to .8 Billion by the year 2020. Affiliate marketing is officially becoming a mainstream marketing channel for businesses all over the world.Get massive 25% payout PLUS 5% second-tier commissions on sales of your second-tier affiliates.Not only you receive payout for all users who register through your links but also a lifetime second-tier commissions for each affiliate you referred.In other words, if the user X came to our site following your link, and decided to become our partner, then you will get 5% payment on all sales X generates.Your website can belong to any industry, however, it should be legal, moral, and cannot infringe upon Elena's Models registered trademark.When someone clicks an Affiliate’s ad, they are forever tagged as coming from that site.After they purchase a subscription, we give the Affiliate at least a 20% share (depending on audience demographics). As a Creator Affiliate, you'll direct gamers to Gamer Dating through banner ads or text links on your videos, stream, site, game or other original content and we promote you through Gamer Dating and associated social media.

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When that member pays for a subscription you will receive at least a 20% payout (again, depending on audience demographics).We reserve the right to recover any direct or indirect costs or damages caused to us by such users or partners.We invite all owners of dating and personal websites to join our highly profitable affiliate program.We are gamers and we made this site to bring gamers together.We don’t just want to make a living at it, we want to support fellow gamers in reaching their dreams, too.Welcome to Date Profits where we open the "Floodgates" to earnings.


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