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Each corner of Fife holds another secret for you to discover, choose from historic castles and caves, quaint fishing villages and award winning beaches.

A walking holiday along the Fife Coastal Path, with rugged cliffs, long sandy beaches, stunning estuaries and wildlife reserves, is an experience not to be missed!

I was going to traveling with three other friends who were all golfers.

Of course we were planning on going to the Old Course at St Andrews which is the most famous golf course in world golf and the Mecca to which every golfer aspires to make pilgrimage.

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Scotland Dating is the perfect UK online dating site to find a date close to where you live in Scotland.

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In addition to making our pilgrimage, my friends also wanted to make sure we would have internet access at all the places we would be staying at.Fife is a delightful place to visit with an amazing amount of archaeology discoveries, colourful fishing villages, beautiful countryside vistas, ecclesiastical sites including churches and abbeys of historical interest, restored / preserved castles and other notable historical buildings, and great golf courses among many other offerings for visitors.When I first visited Fif in the early 2000's, I used this site for information.For example, if you're a man looking for a woman around 30 years of age, we'd suggest you go for an age range of between 25 and 35.Next select the area of Scotland where you'd like you're ideal online date to live.Most of our daters tend to choose their own county, preferring to look for love and romance within 50 miles of their home town.


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