Fossil dating maps

by Joseph Nigg Many of the creatures in Ortelius's map were inspired by the version released decades earlier by Olaus Magnus, a Catholic priest who left Scandinavia for Rome after the Reformation.Olaus (originally Olaf Mansson) became a significant chronicler of fabulous sea creatures.However, in protest, MLAs and MPs from the Rayalseema and Coastal Andhra areas tendered their resignations.These regions also saw some violent protests after the said announcement.

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Please visit these and try to note some of the differences in the presentations.The first European to reach the coast of East African was Vasco da Gama, an explorer from Portugal in 1498.Arabs from Oman drove the Portuguese out in the early 18th century, and claimed the coastal strip.Over the years, the movement gathered a lot of steam.The process of creating the separate state of Telangana was initiated on December 9, 2009 with a formal announcement from the Indian government.As a result of this, the Indian government was forced to put the process on the back burner in the December of 2009.


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