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Plus, Rob's events are guaranteed, meaning if you don't meet anyone you would like to see again you can attend another event for FREE!

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• Rise of Japan's middle-aged virgins Rising childcare costs and economic instability combined with a decline in the number of young women have contributed to a falling fertility rate (dropping to a figure of 1.4 babies over the lifetime of the average woman, well below the "rate of replacement".) As a result, the government and private companies are investing in initiatives such as matchmaking parties to encourage younger generations to marry and have babies.

All strands of society are being targeted – even, it seems, nuns and monks, who according to Japanese Buddhist tradition, do not take celibacy vows but are encouraged to marry to ensure the survival of hereditary family temples.

Guests are provided with a name tags, scorecard and pen and the matches are e-mailed the following day.

, due May 18th on Wondaland Arts Society/Bad Boy/Atlantic.

So far, so normal for a dating event – except this is no conventional gathering.

However, I decided I would try as plenty of real stories from former users persuaded me to change my mind. While I was doing it, the dating website required to enter the main data about me, such as: Afterward, I went to profile settings to finish it.

I had to post some photos of mine, write some more information about me so that ladies could find me too, and I also wrote a few descriptions about me and my future wife.


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    The purpose of this series of tutorials is to give the people who read them a head start in making their own game with RPG Maker. Add a Boss HP Display so that we can see the boss' health go down as we damage him.

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