Interracial dating college students

The researchers said their findings dispel historical stereotypes that portray interracial partners as undesirable.“Interracial daters in our study were rated as possessing higher levels of desirable attributes and were aware of being rated highly by their partners,” Wu and her colleagues said.“This indicates that, at least in a diverse college sample, interracial relationships are unlikely to be motivated by a lack of dating opportunities within one’s own ethnic group.”The study was not large enough to examine how different racial combinations impacted partner evaluations or attractiveness ratings."If someone didanything threatening that would be a problem.

"Every relationship has issues in it," says Angelina Snodgrass '94, who is half Hispanic And half white and is currently dating Coky T. Students say interracial relationships can carry a social stigma, including director Spike Lee's notion--developed in the movie "If you do date interracially, you worryslightly about [the Jungle Fever Stigma], howpeople may respond in their perception of you,"Gubbins says.Here at Boston College, the issue was discussed most recently in an event titled “Interracial Dating: Mix to Find Your Match,” a FACES Hall Talk held on Wednesday.FACES is an anti-racist student organization committed to educating the BC community on the issues of race, identity and systems of power and privilege.Throughout the discussion, almost all of the panelists agreed that they have certainly gotten strong reactions from their families, friends or society in general about their interracial relationship.Their experience demonstrates that the idea of dating outside of one’s race continues to be controversial for many and, in some instances, problematic to those in the relationships.In September, the fliers were also found at the University of Michigan.


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