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Because we avoided the bars, we filled our days with activities.

He’d casually take out his glucose monitor, prick his finger and wait for his reading.

Random texting them always keeps them on their toes and makes them feel controlled 4) Writing blogs, articles for your own blog or a website you have made specifically for them so it is a way for them to let the world know how they are doing, this s always a way for the Dominant to check up on the slave – Make sure he adds pictures and proof of every task and assignments.

Ensure BDSM instruction is carried out every time 5) Ensure they join the Slave registry and get their certificate to show they are an owned 6) Give them Slave tasks and assignments to carry out, such as writing essays, shopping tasks, picture tasks, you could also give them tasks such as slave bdsm training " data-medium-file="

I am going to list below some of the best slave training techniques and ways to make your submissive feel totally owned whether it be in an online session, a real time session at a dungeon or within a lifestyle relationship.

Find out the type of medication they are taking and where they store their medication.

Learn about their glucose readings and their glucose reading device.

2) Discuss slave/submissive contracts and what should be in that, there is hundreds of examples online of these contracts ( google is your friend) You can make it your own and change some of the wording to fit your own slave.

3) Email and text tasks and make them send picture proof when at work.


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