Maxine gomez dating Chat sexiphone

And there's nothing unsavory or offensive about nipples, bare behinds, or any form of nudity, for that matter.The patriarchy has hard-wired people to shame women for outfits like this, and it really needs to stop.Friends say they’ve been “fooling around” in between sessions, which is infuriating Amber!“Selena is playing with fire, not just with Amber but also because Wiz is a terrible influence.” Added the source, “Selena’s health is still in no condition to deal with partying —she needs rest and as little exposure to booze and drugs as possible— there’s no chance of that if she’s hanging out with Wiz.” SMH.Earlier this week, Selena Gomez wore a very chic, quasi-sheer black dress while hanging out with The Weeknd in New York City.She looked bomb in the outfit (as she does in everything), but the paparazzi on her tail caused a small wardrobe malfunction.They kidnapped Tess Trueheart and set a trap for Tracy.

Trolls, who clearly think this is the eighteenth century, came out in droves criticizing Gomez for not wearing a proper bra or underwear.Looks like Wiz Khalifa may have put off messing with club bops to spend some quality time with another celebrity — rumor has it he’s been “fooling around” with Selena Gomez. Magazine reports: The 23-year-old is hooking up with Wiz Khalifa, a source told OK! Selena and Wiz are currently spending lots of time together, as they are working on a new song!The rapper had no problem sharing a video of himself in the studio with the beauty on Snapchat, and apparently they are doing more than talking about music during their recording breaks!Bill O'Reilly is under fire for comments he made Tuesday about Congresswoman Maxine Waters' appearance.While speaking to "Fox and Friends" about the Democrat's fiery house floor comments about Donald Trump, the "O'Reilly Factor' host criticized Waters' hair and what she had to say.Waters took the high road when asked to comment on the remarks during her appearance on MSNBC on Tuesday night (March 28).


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