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The cosmic event has even captured the attention of the Vatican.

Brother Guy Consolmagno, the director of the Vatican Observatory, is traveling 5,000 miles to watch the eclipse and give a presentation on faith and science at a Hopkinsville church.'Everybody is talking about the eclipse because they see it as such a wonderful opportunity.

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Ashley Yazbec, an account manager for Wiley, and an MFA graduate of the California Institute of the Arts, recently wrote on the Wiley website about the fact that job prospects remain dismal for American youth.

Mars is experiencing it now too without SUVs being driven there. MAJOR CATASTROPHIC EARTH CHANGES that have accompanied previous passages, which is the MOST SIGNIFICANT ISSUE.

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It provides a unique, scientific experience for eclipse chasers from all over the world,' Hopkinsville mayor Carter Hendricks said.

'They're excited that Hopkinsville is on the international map.

One rural Kentucky town will be the epicenter of the first coast-to-coast total solar eclipse to sweep the United States in 99 years.

Residents of Hopkinsville, a town remembered for its Civil War encampment, are preparing for the highly anticipated moment their city will become one of the prime viewing locations for the August 21 solar eclipse. It's exciting to have all these people coming together,' said Julie-Anna Carlisle, owner of a wellness boutique in downtown Hopkinsville.


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