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Conor asked the guys to apologize, and one of them did, but about an hour later, the rowdy, ignorant bunch was leaving and they decided to do some more name-calling. The arresting officer says that Conor did claim that the guy "called my friend the F-word," and unfortunately we all know what F-word he's talking about.

Kennedy apologized to Atkinson after he was arrested, the report states, but then added of how the fight started, “He called my friend the f-word,” according to the report.

Kennedy claimed the man hurled insults at a friend. and his second wife, the late Mary Richardson, who committed suicide in 2012.

He was arrested before in 2013 for a protest outside the White House.

John Conor Kennedy, the grandson of Robert Kennedy, was allegedly involved in a scuffle outside the ritzy ski town's Bootsy Bellows nightclub at about a.m.

Watch: Rosemary Kennedy Had Lobotomy to Prevent Pregnancy, Book Claims According to Kennedy, as well as his father Robert Kennedy Jr., the fight occurred after Conor demanded an apology from a group of men he claimed called his friend a homophobic slur.


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