Toradora dating sim

Like your average high school boy, Ryosuke Kaga can’t stop thinking perverted thoughts. Anyway, on his way home from school, he sees a beautiful red-haired girl standing all alone in the rain outside of his house.

Yes, they may have debunked the theory that men think about sex every seven seconds, but that’s only because nobody studied this kid.

I agree with Artemis this was a missed opportunity to name the store “Lowson” or something but to the show’s credit it actually attempts to be a real thing and not an advertisement or a reverse harem dating sim.

Instead we got a decent show about two guys and two girls fumbling around their crushes on each other.

Like the title says, it's a dating game, almost like any half done dating sim online.

I’m a sexy psycho maid, serving up a plate of murder. While I’m choking down pills like a pack of Tic Tacs. You know, those things that were cool until Soul Eater…They regularly stop by Not Lawson on their way home from school, where they literally bump into each other and act super awkward. Despite the plot being about as bland as it sounds on paper, I probably would’ve stuck around if it meant seeing this show doing everything it could to get around blatant trademark use.We’ve seen some pretty great examples of that in anime before (my personal favourite being cheated me out of some potentially hilarious moments.Một người đàn ông sinh ra và lớn lên trong một hoàn cảnh khốc liệt có tài năng chiến đấu. Tôi biết rằng, vào một ngày tôi sẽ bị giết chết bởi một yandere nào đó.Có được vương quốc của riêng mình là điều kiện để hốt được nữ nhân xinh đẹp mình yêu. Và giờ, chuyện cần đến cũng đến - hoặc tôi ít nhất nghĩ điều đó đã xảy ra.It was the one and only adventure of a good student who spent two diligent years on his studies.


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